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An Interview with Laura Cutty
Author Guest , Interviews / May 2, 2018

My name is Daralyse Lyons and I am the author of 20 novels and, today, I’ve decided to sit down with one of my characters, Laura Cutty, for a chat about life, love and how to keep the romance alive. Before we launch in, what you should know about Laura is that she’s married to a murderer. That’s right. Laura knew when she married him that Thomas Cutty was a killer. She accepts that about him, just as he accepts everything distasteful about her – like the way she cracks her knuckles when nervous or uses the last of the toilet paper without replacing the roll. Twelve years of marriage and two beautiful babies later, and Laura and Thomas have learned to love the life they built together – a life that depends on Laura never asking the question: Who did Thomas kill last night? So here I am, sitting across from Laura, each with our cups of hot cinnamon spice tea, and we’re talking about romance because I am regrettably single and she is blissfully attached and I figure I have a lot to learn from her. Me: Hi Laura. Thanks for sitting down with me today. Laura: No…