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Rita Herron | Good or Bad
Uncategorized / September 16, 2008

Do you believe that people are born either good or bad? That your genes determine whether or not you have a temper, are violent, or lose control? That’s only one of the premises I explore in my Demonborn series. Vincent Valtrez, the hero of book one, INSATIABLE DESIRE, has only faint memories of his traumatic past. Memories which disturb him because he feels a darkness in his soul. Memories and a killer that bring him back to his hometown. A hometown full of secrets and evil. A hometown he swore he’d never return to. A hometown plagued by danger and the girl he left behind. Vincent had no idea what is in store for him. Or that his destiny is calling. Only that his need for sex and darkness have begun to call his name again. But giving in to the dark side could be his downfall and cause him to lose his soul once and for all. Do you have a dark side? If so, can you resist the call? Rita Herron Visit to learn more about books and authors.