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Debra Finerman | Woman Writer Finds Her Voice — And It’s a Bark
Author Guest / June 12, 2018

Harvard Summer Workshop. Advanced Novel Writing Class. Professor Haviaras raises his bushy eyebrows and surveys his classroom of future authors with a withering stare. He says in his Greek accent, “The most important thing to do before beginning your first novel? To find your voice.” That advice helped me polish my first manuscript, the one I had brought to the workshop. A few months later, MADEMOISELLE VICTORINE was acquired by Random House. It was even translated into many foreign languages I can’t speak. I began writing my latest novel YOU LUCKY DOG, pub date June 6th, by recalling the dictum, “Find your voice.” I felt the voice should be in the first person. I mean, first dog. I got the idea for this book a few years ago when a good friend lamented that she wished she could find a man who loves her as much her dog does. “He’s always happy to see me. When I come home from work, he rushes to greet me at the door. And he senses when I have the blues. He lays his head on my lap and looks up at me with those soulful eyes. It’s unconditional love. Why can’t I find…