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Susan Stoker | Becoming a Mountain Mercenary
Author Guest / December 4, 2018

In my romance series, the Mountain Mercenaries are a group of six former special forces men who were brought together by they mysterious, “Rex.” They were chosen because of their expertise and their disenchantment with always having to do things “by the book.” There is an underlying reason why Rex formed the group, but that story line is still evolving.:) Their mission is to fight for abused women and children who can’t fight for themselves. They work somewhat “under the radar” to rescue women who have been kidnapped and to keep them safe from abusers. Allye, in the first book, Defending Allye, mistakenly believes that they are a group of men gone “rogue” as that is typically what a mercenary is. But in the Mountain Mercenaries case they are more like vigilantes.They do what they can to right a wrong done to a woman or child. They work within the law as much as possible, and Rex has connections with law enforcement all over the country, and even outside it. But when push comes to shove, if they have to sneak in and out of a foreign country to rescue someone, they will. It’s all about bringing loved ones home to…