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Elisabeth Staab | Ancient Vampires Make for Awesome Angst
Author Guest / June 12, 2014

I’ve loved all my characters. I’ve loved getting to know them and torturing them, getting to watch them fall in love, and seeing them tested by all the roadblocks in between. I love characters when they have huge flaws, because I love people when they have huge flaws. None of us are perfect, and fiction to me is like life with the volume cranked up. I think the two things I love most about writing vampires are the bond characters create when they share blood, and the extended lifespan. The latter, because so much of what shapes a story and the push-pull between two imperfect souls falling in love has to do with the lifetime of baggage they bring to the table. The older the vampire, the more the baggage, I figure. Or maybe it’s the bigger the hero, the bigger the baggage? Lee, my hero in HUNTER BY NIGHT, has been around for more than seven hundred years. That’s a helluva lot of baggage. Fun baggage. I don’t mean fun like he makes balloon animals and tells witty jokes at cocktail parties. But the kind of fun that allows for delicious tension between him and his heroine? Oh, hell…