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Sara Reyes | Conestoga, Furries, Diana Gabaldon and Going West
Uncategorized / July 30, 2008

Jeanne Stein and GwenOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Some people plan their vacations around non-business activities but for me, a conference is a reason to get out of town and explore just a wee bit. So, this last week of July is a doozy! Gwen and I are on a road trip from Dallas to Tulsa to San Francisco and back to Dallas. For some that is a reason to fly but I’ve never been able to see the deserts of the west except at 40,000 feet and I really wanted to explore the famous Route 66 before it completely disappears. So I convinced Gwen that a week in a car in the summer isn’t really that bad! The good news, we haven’t killed each other. So to our tale of exploration…first stop Tulsa and the Conestoga 12, Oklahoma’s largest literary science fiction and fantasy convention. The 2008 guest of honor was Diana Gabaldon. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Gabaldon since my favorite bookseller — Judy Oerke — suggested OUTLANDER in the late 80s. And when they still had two Gold Tickets left — dinner with Ms. Gabaldon — I couldn’t say no! Well, I could but it was a…