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Heather Waters | A New Voice in Medieval Romance
Romance / September 6, 2007

I’m thrilled to be guest blogger here at Fresh Fiction today, and the excitement only expanded when I saw the impressive list of authors posting before me here (Gemma Holliday, Jill Marie Landis, Sabrina Jeffries…WOW!). Talk about a treat! With so many fantastic romance authors working these days, it’s mind-boggling to think my books are now going to be placed near them in bookstores. Someone pinch me… wait, don’t. I bruise easily. I was able to see my very first published novel, THE DEVIL’S POSSESSION, in the bookstore last Saturday during another first – my first booksigning. So far, the ride has been amazing, and the readers have been astoundingly gracious with their feedback. So yes, I’m a brand spanking new author. I write medieval romance. But my love for the paranormal and magical things refuses to allow me the purely romantic story lines of ladies like Julie Garwood (my hero) and Johanna Lindsey’s medievals. Amidst all the romantic growth and amazing story-telling in their books that drew me to medievals so long ago, I acquired the seeds I needed to grow my own story ideas. But, from the staple plots of alpha man meets woman who tames him, my…