Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Author Guest / July 28, 2017

As fast as I could without running, I walked down the hall to get my purse and keys from the kitchen. A few more seconds and I’d be in my car on the way to school. My purse was not on the counter where I left it. Dammit. I didn’t have time for this. My heart thundering in my chest, I scanned every flat surface in the kitchen for my red purse and silver key ring. I wasn’t sure whether I was rushing to my appointment or just desperate to escape Noah. Noah. How was Noah at Vance and Magnolia’s? He was in California. As far as I knew, he hadn’t been back to Georgia since three months before we’d broken up. Why was he here now? Vance was an artist, but he was also an angel tech investor on the side. He’d met Magnolia when he hired her as his assistant, and they’d gotten married a few months before. Vance and Maggie met with a lot of guys like Noah, but there were angel investors in California. Silicon Valley was filled with them. Why was he in Atlanta? Why was he here? Maybe after what had happened, no one…