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Jennifer Gracen | Top 6 Things I Love About The Harrisons
Author Guest / February 27, 2018

When IT MIGHT BE YOU comes out, it will be the final book of The Harrisons series. Such a bittersweet thing for me, to say goodbye to this family I’ve come to know and love so well. There are now 6 books in all—5 full length novels and 1 novella. So, for 6 books, I’ll present to you my… Top 6 Things I Love About The Harrisons Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional The Harrisons siblings—Charles, Dane, Tess, Pierce, and Nick—all have emotional issues. Hell, some of their issues have issues. This is hugely thanks to their parents: the selfish mother who abandoned them and the cold, controlling father who raised them. The sibs are deeply flawed and they recognize that. But they fight against those flaws all the time so they can be their best selves. You can’t help but root for them. Power Struggles The Harrisons are a mega-wealthy family. The siblings are the 4th generation of a long and esteemed legacy. The older four were raised in a tremendous mansion, went to the most prestigious schools, travelled and experienced life in the ways only billionaires can… but not one of them sought out a similar high-status life partner….