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Tawna Fenske: | Exclusive Excerpt: JUST A LITTLE BET
Author Guest / October 30, 2020

She rested her hand on her chin, studying him a moment. “Why do you think you burn through girlfriends quicker than most guys change socks?” “Geez, are you my shrink?” It wasn’t a bad question, though. Kayla shrugged, seemingly unfazed. “No, but one of my sisters just did this communication workshop she was telling me about. It’s all about self-reflection and owning your mistakes and shortcomings in relationships. Not that she needs it, since she’s ridiculously happily married, but she loved it.” There was that flash in her eyes again—a sign there was more going on inside that beautiful brain of hers. “Anyway,” she said. “She just sent me this book she got at the workshop. All this talk about self-reflection and shortcomings made me wonder if you have a theory about why you’ve been through so many breakups.” Tony scratched his thumbnail over a mark in the bar and tried to come up with an answer. One that didn’t make him sound like a total asshole, which he probably was. “I don’t know. Lousy schedule, maybe? Smokejumpers are gone so much that it’s tough to have a relationship.” That was dumb. Grady made it work with Willa. Kayla knew…