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Karen White-Owens | Writing Is A Business
Author Guest / October 24, 2010

Independent business owner. I’m eleven books and three novellas into the publishing business and the wise advice of a fellow author still remains in my head. &mquotYou are now an independent business owner. Treat writing that way.&mquot When I signed my first contract and months later turned in my completed manuscript, I believed my work was done and that I had fulfilled the terms of my contract. I was wrong. I had no idea about what laid ahead. There were so many additional aspects to becoming a published author that went beyond finishing the book. Writing a book is only the beginning. Here are a few items to consider: 1.Editing, Your masterpiece will come back and you will have to make some changes to it before it becomes a final product. 2. Promotions. Do you have a plan? Ideas for getting your novel to the reading population? Trust me, booksignings are not the answer; and 3. Keep writing. An author must keep writing. You must work on the next novel while doing all of the above and more. Authors don’t sit behind a desk and let the money roll in. We promote our work and invest our time in all…