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Larissa Ione | Top Five Favorite Angels and Demons
Author Guest / December 18, 2014

Thanks, Fresh Fiction! Excited to be here, and super excited to share with you my list of Top Five Favorite Angels and Demons from TV and the Movies! So let’s do this thing: 1. From the TV series Angel, that fun-loving, green-skinned, always-had-a-drink-in-his hand entertainer, Lorne! Remember him? He was hilarious. 2. From Supernatural, I gotta give a shout-out to Crowley. Yeah, he’s a super bad guy, but he’s funny. I can forgive a lot if a bad guy has a sense of humor. I love it when he’s on the show. One of the best TV/movie demons ever. 3. Hellboy. Because, hello, Hellboy. ‘Nuff said. 4. Anyanka (Anya) from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Vicious and creative, she’s right up there with Crowley for being funny, but what makes her so special is that she’s also got a sweet, clueless side that is endearing. 5. Okay, so I realize that my list is a bit, shall we say, demon-heavy. Oh, don’t act surprised; you know what I write. ☺ So here’s our token angel, although he really isn’t token. I love him, and he’s actually my favorite on this list. Come on out, Castiel! For those who aren’t familiar with…

Larissa Ione | Keeping It Real
Uncategorized / March 27, 2008

“Write what you know.” We’ve all heard it, and maybe we’ve even stayed true to that. But what happens when you need to write about something you don’t know? Well, that’s where research comes in. Now, I love research, and right now, I’m researching something I’ve always been interested in – modern and ancient Egypt. The problem? Trying to blend fact with not only fiction, but paranormal fiction, and strangely enough, while there is a ton of information about ancient Egypt, information on modern Egypt, outside of politics, is lacking. See, I’m working on the third book in my Demonica series, which is set mainly in Egypt. The first two books, Pleasure Unbound (July 08,) and Shadow Lover (April 09) were largely set in New York City and in an underworld hospital. New York was easy enough to research, since there is oodles of information available (plus, I was constantly bugging Stephanie Tyler, my Sydney Croft writing partner, for details, since she lives there,) and the hospital was easy, because I made it up, using real hospitals and my depraved imagination (hey, it’s a hospital run by vampires, demons, and werewolves – it takes a little depravity to come up…