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Christy Reece | How a Wish Became a Series
Uncategorized / April 24, 2009

People often ask writers where they get their ideas. Many can answer about how a particular incident or thought popped into their head and they were able to create an entire book from that. With the first three books I wrote, before I sold, the idea always started with a comment in my head. A character, usually my future heroine, would say something and I’d wonder why she said it. The conversation would expand and I would create the story from there. That’s one of the wonderful things about imagination. Being able to take something so small and seemingly insignificant and create characters, a story and sometimes an entire world. When I started writing RESCUE ME, my debut book, it wasn’t because of some conversation I heard in my head. It was an event. I’m a self-confessed news junkie. Even when I’m writing, I often have the news playing in the background because I never know what might spur an idea. Something that always intrigues me are missing persons cases. Tragically most of these cases don’t have happy endings. Many are found dead, some return on their own. But the few that never return, the ones who disappear without a…