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Jillian Burns | Saying Goodbye For The Summer
Uncategorized / May 11, 2009

Tonight is the season finale of one of my favorite TV shows, THE MEDIUM. In fact, this week a lot of my fave shows have season finales. So, I sadly bid farewell until the new season—which nowadays starts not in September or even October, but January! It’s depressing to think about all our favorite shows ending for the summer, but there is a positive side. Think of all the free time I’ll have in the evenings! I’ve made a list of all the things I can do this summer. 1. Write. Since there’ll be nothing to watch on TV, this is a good time to work. Especially since, beginning June 5th, my kids will be home all day, every day, for an entire three months (Ack!) and I certainly won’t get any writing done during the day.2. Catch up on my reading. My To Be Read pile—ok, PILES–are getting so ridiculously high I’m afraid they might topple over and give me a concussion while I sleep. If I don’t start reading some of them, I might be forced to cull through the stacks and pare them down to only the ones I actually think I might someday read. And how…