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Rosemary’s Fresh Takes from YA | Meet Gwen Hayes

The book landscape in March is in full bloom. Lots of great releases this month, so you should hit the Teen section of your local (or online) bookstore early and often. If I had to pick one Don’t Miss book for March… Well, it would be really hard, but I am most excited to tell you about FALLING UNDER, by Gwen Hayes (March 1, from NAL), not least, because I was privileged to read it already and I. Love. This. Book. If you are a fan of gothic, romantic, paranormal romance with a strongly developed fantasy side and a deeply satisfying romantic side, you will love it, too. I caught up with Gwen and asked her to tell me more about writing the book. Gwen Hayes: Thank you for inviting me to Fresh Fiction. I’m really happy to be here. RMC: I think when I read FALLING UNDER, I described it as a “Lushy romantic gothic fairy tale.” How would YOU describe it? Gwen Hayes: Well, lushly romantic gothic fairy tale is pretty awesome. I’m not sure I could top that. I don’t even want to. When I was writing it, I knew it wasn’t like anything I’d written before….