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Mary Stanton | We’re No Angels
Author Guest / April 3, 2011

There’s a perfectly delightful movie about an Archangel with a screenplay by Nora Ephron called MICHAEL . In an interview subsequent to the film’s release, somebody (inevitably) asked Ms. Ephron if she believed in angels. She replied something to the effect that no, she certainly didn’t, but they were terrific to write about. She’s right. They are. After initial terrified trepidation—my response whenever I start a new project, whether it’s angels or not—I’m having a wonderful time with my Beaufort &Company series from Berkley Prime Crime. My protagonist, Brianna Winston-Beaufort, is a newly-hatched lawyer who discovers that she’s inherited her Great-uncle Franklin’s legal speciality; to handle appeals cases for souls condemned to Hell. Bree is a rational woman. Her chosen field of expertise is corporate tax law. She’s twenty-eight when the series begins, with a gym habit and a much-loved, if annoying little sister and warm-hearted parents with a habit of loving interference in Bree’s affairs. Like her creator, Bree is frankly skeptical about the appearance of beings from the afterlife in her present life. And again like her creator, Bree quails at the beginning of each new case. Although I began my writing career twenty-five years ago with two adult…