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Merrie Destefano | The Killer Twist
Author Guest / March 12, 2018

One of the key elements when writing either suspense or comedy is the use of the reversal twist. It needs to be foreshadowed, so the reader will believe it when it happens, but it must also come as a surprise. Depending on the genre, this surprise will either cause laughter or fear/tension. This twist often comes when the main character discovers information he/she did not know before. Naturally, this makes amnesia or some form memory loss ideal if you want to raise the level of suspense. Here are a few examples of why amnesia is a great plot device. * Please note that since reversal twists often take place near the end of a story, some of these examples will include spoilers. Surprise Endings: One of my favorite examples of memory loss is seen in Grace in The Others (movie, 2001). She believes that the house she lives in is haunted, but she can’t convince anyone else. Creepy events ensue until you’re absolutely sure that Grace is right. There are ghosts in the house. In fact, you’re so convinced this is true that it’s hard to see the surprise twist coming—Grace and her children are actually the ghosts. They have…