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Michele Mannon | Heel Hook. Slick Submissions. Haymaker.
Author Guest / April 10, 2014

I know. You’re thinking mud wrestling. Or Spring Break. But believe it or not, these are fighting words. That’s right—sporting terms. Welcome to the world of MMA. When I told my friends about my concept for a sports romance series, they tried to take my glass of wine away. Mixed martial what? They had no idea what I was talking about, nor why I was so excited about writing a series about fighters. And not boxers or professional wrestlers—athletes we’re all used to, but fighters in the fastest growing sport around—mixed martial arts. Because I’m a writer and have a way with words, I explained it to them in three: Tom gorgeous Hardy. My fan-girl crush. A hunk of a British actor, whose movies are always the highlight of my cinematic experience. And my favorite character he’s portrayed? An MMA fighter. I had an oh-my moment, and realized just how sexy—how romantic—this sport was. Romance fans have caught on as well. It seems that not only is MMA the fastest growing sport around but also highly popular in romantic fiction. I am hope you enjoy my latest MMA romance, TAP OUT! TAP OUT, book two in the Worth the Fight…