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Nik James | Favorite Westerns + Exclusive Excerpt
Author Guest / May 26, 2021

Favorite Western movies/TV shows (in no particular order) High Noon The Magnificent Seven Unforgiven Dances with Wolves Django Unchained No Country for Old Men Shane Godless Lonesome Dove News of the World Deadwood True Grit Longmire Gunsmoke Maverick Bat Masterson Bonanza The Last of the Mohicans Westworld *** Exclusive Excerpt: As Caleb started back along the trail, he stopped short. The braying of the mule and the shouting of Preacher were enough to wake the dead. Caleb ran hard toward the sound. He rounded a bend and saw them in the distance. It was just as he’d feared. The minister was shouting like a madman over the terrified sounds of the mule. His arms were up, and he was waving a branch of evergreen at something Caleb couldn’t see. That branch wouldn’t have done a lick of damage to a newborn lamb. He knew what Preacher was trying to do, though. Caleb was covering ground quickly, but he was still several hundred paces from them. He ran full speed, leaping to avoid protruding rocks and roots. The trail dipped into a wash, and he lost sight of them for a moment. The hoarse shouts of the minister and the continuous…