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Nikki Logan | The Nature Of Writing
Uncategorized / February 17, 2010

Thanks for having me over to FreshFiction, Faye. They don’t come much fresher than a debut author, I guess! My first book ‘Lights, Camera…Kiss theBoss‘ hit shelves in North America and UK last week and I’m still in that warm, happy-glow phase 🙂 I’ve already had a few reader queries about my ‘nature-based’ focus so I thought I’d chat a bit about that with you today. Working on the principle that you should write-what-you-know I decided to focus my love-stories in and around natural places or species that I’m familiar with. I work in a conservation organisation with people who crawl through rainforests tracking orangutans or who fit tiny little radio-transmitters to marsupials in the outback or rescue dangerous wild dogs in even more dangerous parts of Africa. I was hungry to make a contribution too, but that kind of super-human example has a way of making a girl feel a little inadequate! When I decided to start writing I knew it would be romance and I knew it would be around nature. I love love-stories and I love wildlife. And I looked around and found no-one was particularly specialising in nature-based romance. What better way to share my passion…