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Jodi Thomas | The Birth of a Book…
Uncategorized / April 7, 2009

Today is the day REWRITING MONDAY hits the stands. For a writer it’s kind of like the birth of a child, without all the pain of course. This is my 28th book and still I love going into the bookstores and just holding a copy in my hands. For my first ten books my husband and I made a habit of driving all over town and seeing the books on the shelves in every store. Sometimes I’ll buy three or four of my own book that first day. One kid checking me out late one night asked, “Are you aware all three of these are the same book?” I laughed and said, “Yes, but I just love to read it over and over.” This one will make you laugh and hopefully, you’ll fall in love with the characters. Now finish the blog by clicking here and comment to win your own copy… Visit to learn more about books and authors.