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ROSE LERNER | How To Deal With A Tough Critique
Author Guest / April 22, 2010

I can’t remember when I first noticed that Five Stages of Grief are really, really similar to what I go through every week when I get a chapter back from my critique group with comments. 1. Denial. “Whatever, my chapter is perfect the way it is. I don’t really have to change anything.”“She just didn’t understand what I’m trying to do.”“Well, A said I needed to fix X, but B said it was okay, so it’s probably fine.” 2. Anger. “How dare she say that about my heroine?”“Don’t they realize how hard I worked on this chapter?”“MEANIES MEANIES MEANIES I HATE YOU!” 3. Bargaining. “Well, I know in my heart that this scene is under-motivated and lacks conflict like my critique group said, but maybe if I just give the heroine a new hat no one will notice.”“Can I put a band-aid on it?”“I’ll wait until my rough draft is done to make a decision.” 4. Depression. “I’m a terrible writer.”“Why is everything I do such crap?”“I’ll never sell a(nother) book.”“This can’t be fixed.” 5. Acceptance. This is the place I have to fight to get to, where I’m able to say, “Look, Rose, this is why you have a…