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Michele Pariza Wacek | Top 5 Reasons Why Mixed-Genre Novels are Best
Author Guest / November 28, 2018

Before I was an author, I was a reader. I read A LOT of books over the years. (In fact, I taught myself to read at 3 years old because I wanted to write stories so badly.) And, one of the things I began to realize is I preferred books that mixed genres over just a single “pure” story. I’m also of the belief that I’m not alone. Look at the popularity of certain mixed genres categories. (Romantic suspense anyone?) So, as an author who has taken mixing genres to a whole new level (my current Secret of Redemption series combines psychological thriller, mystery, romance, paranormal and even a touch of women’s fiction) I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons why mixed genres are best. 1. There’s a little something for everyone. No matter what sort of story you prefer (romance, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi) in a mixed-genre book, you’re more likely to find something you like. Better yet, in a mixed genre book, even if you’re not crazy about one of the genres, you may still like the book because you like the other storylines. 2. Less chance of boredom. So, it may just be me, but one storyline…