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Shirley Hailstock | Weddings!
Uncategorized / June 12, 2008

The word brings up images of a blushing bride, a nervous, tuxedo-clad groom and joyful tears in the eyes of family and friends. Months, maybe years, of planning have gone into the single most important day in the lives of two happy people. I love weddings. At one time I thought I wanted to spend my life in the arena of gowns and people with smiles and happy tears. But, as life would have it, it didn’t work out and I went on to other pursuits – writing. When I look back, I don’t regret it. I have been able to be many people. Like Charlton Heston once said, “I’ve been president of the United States three times, and chancellor of England, and I ran the French government. And I led the Jews out of Egypt. What more could I want?” What more could I want except to be a writer, to live the lives of presidents, first ladies, cops, models, lawyers, doctors, architects, and everyone in between. I have flown planes and helicopters, worked with FBI and CIA agents, owned a ranch and held a secret baby. I’ve saved the lives of a presidential candidate, been the granddaughter of…