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Daily Dose | Tis the Month Before Christmas
Daily Dose / November 18, 2009

‘Tis the month before Christmas, and all through the ‘Net Every creature is stirring, including our Vets; Virtual shopping and wish lists are begun with care In hopes that packages will soon be shipped there; The children want everything they see, While parents wrestle with decorations, stockings and tree; And I in my pajamas, with mocha for a treat Settle in for a long winter’s Tweet, When out in the living room there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the computer to see what was the matter. Away to the front room, I flew like a flash, Banging my toes and cursing balderdash. The kids bouncing on the sofa like our dog the collie Pointing to the television and the commercial ads and folly, Santa Claus and his elves hard at work in their shop, Creating toys and wonders from previous years at the top, With video drivers, transformers and Barbie too I knew in a moment just what to do Sliding on the iPhone I sent text messages too My husband, he laughed and called me a name It was funny and jolly and little bit beyond tame I waved to the kids and back to the computer…

Lisa Plumley | Christmas Confessions
Uncategorized / December 4, 2008

To me, the holidays have always meant family and friends, togetherness and good cheer, peppermint mochas and gingerbread cookies. But increasingly, the Christmas season can also mean traffic and crowded stores, stress and anxiety, heartburn and credit-card bills. Now more than ever, we’re feeling the pinch. Our wallets are lighter. Our worries are many. But our hearts are still full. And that gives me hope. At the risk of sounding like a character from a Hallmark Channel TV movie, I believe it’s possible to have a fantastic time at Christmas…even without miles of blinking LED lights, candy canes, and a huge pile of gifts under the tree. Because those things are all extras. They’re just accessories. They’re optional. You don’t really need decorations or gifts or goodies at all. A freaky idea? Not really. Because what matters right now is being with the people you care about–and all the extraneous Christmas stuff can actually be a distraction from that. Think about it. Have you ever plowed through the mall, searching for exactly the right gift for someone special, only to come home exhausted…and snap at that special someone? (Oops.) Have you ever gotten so obsessed with pulling off a Martha…

Susan Wiggs | Shopping
Uncategorized / April 16, 2008

So I splurged a little on a dress for to wear to the tea. Never mind that I’ll only be there “virtually.” Sometimes the perfect dress is called for, even in cyberspace. And okay, I splurged on the shoes, too. And, um, the bag. As a working writer, 90% of my clothes are the kind of thing you wear to clean out the garage. The other 10% of my wardrobe looks more like this. And how did I earn this hot little number? See for yourself. This is a shot of me at a booksigning–yes, a booksigning–at a military base in Florida. The day was organized around an air show, and there were tables and booths set up in the hangars along the air strip. I found myself sharing a table with an army ranger and his pet, Roxanne the Snake. The ranger wanted me to hold his snake. I said no. I hid behind my tower of unsold books. He insisted, so I told him I would only hold his snake if I sold all these books. (I never sell out at a signing.) But people kept buying books, and I was down to 3, so the ranger bought…