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Sarah Smith | Exclusive Excerpt: SIMMER DOWN
Author Guest / October 6, 2020

I pick up all the pillows, toss them back on the bed, straighten out my clothes, and climb under the sheet. The heat inside me has officially cooled. My eyelids grow heavy. When I blink, I don’t see Callum anymore. Every muscle in my body is relaxed, free of tension at the thought. Soon I’m asleep. It’s deep and hard and everything good. Until I start to dream. *** Dream Callum is a million times nicer than real-life Callum. Dream Callum spoons me from behind, my absolute favorite. How did he know? He presses his clothes-free body against mine, a perfect shell for my hot and bothered self. None of this is real. That doesn’t make it any less divine. He wraps his arms around me. They’re so thick that when pressed against me, they cover most of my naked chest. Leaning back, I groan. “You like that?” he asks. I nod a yes, then moan again. Those thick lips press against the back of my neck. “What do you want, Nikki?” When his voice is this low, this gentle, it makes my eyes roll to the back of my head. The hottest sound in the world is Callum’s English…

Fall Recipe Potluck | SIMMER DOWN by Sarah Smith
Author Guest / September 9, 2020

We have MORE fabulous books and awesome recipes to share! We’ll be here all week, LOL. Also, check out the other posts that have gone up so far and check out the giveaways: Day 1: SECOND CHANCE ON CYPRESS LAND by Reese Ryan Day 2: THE SECRET FRENCH RECIPES OF SOPHIE VALROUX by Samantha Verant *** My new book Simmer Down is a rivals-to-lovers romance between two competing food truck owners Nikki and Callum, who are fighting over the same coveted parking spot near one of Maui’s most beautiful beaches. After a whole lot of bickering and sabotaging, Nikki and Callum realize they have sizzling chemistry. Like in any good romance, they end up in bed together. A lot. When they’re not getting physical, these two are both capable of whipping up endless mouth-watering specialties. You can count on British hunk Callum to cook scrumptious English recipes, while Nikki has spent a lifetime perfecting her mom’s delicious Filipino dishes. Once these two finally get their happily ever after, they’ll be spending loads of time in the bedroom, as any newly in-love couple would. But that doesn’t mean cooking will be put on the backburner. Nikki would figure out a way…