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Stone Bastion | A Woman’s Guide to a Man’s Point of View
Author Guest / September 9, 2014

Men are Direct… There. You have the answer on how to understand the male point of view. Thank you for listening. Oh, you want further details of how men view life? Some insight from their point of view?  Okay, sure. Here are some nuggets: Primal… When it comes to a female in a man’s life, he’s constantly in threat-assessment mode. When a woman simply wants a hug when she’s upset, men are looking how to “fix” what is wrong: eliminate threats first, care for emotions second. Solutions… A man speaks his mind and is driven by the facts of any given circumstance. Men always want to solve the puzzle. Or, as needed, eliminate the threat. (See above.) Adrenaline… It is incredibly addictive for men. Addictive to the level of combining all the great things in life together in one source and then multiplying that times a billion. Adrenaline draws out a level of mental clarity that can be described as playing a five-level chess game—while simultaneously solving large-scale world issues. All this happens with few spoken words. Thoughts… Men think in a linear format, one topic at a time. Though when adrenaline flows, those topics fly by at the speed…