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Elizabeth Thornton | Questions I’m frequently asked . . .
Uncategorized / June 25, 2009

In twenty years, I’ve published 26 historical romance novels and 2 novellas, and the questions I am most frequently asked by beginning writers are 1) Where do you get your ideas? and 2) Don’t you ever suffer from burnout? Burnout is a writer’s worst nightmare. It can be brought on by stress, you know, nothing is going right in the book and you have a deadline to meet. It can be brought on by boredom—you’re a multi-published author and your publisher wants you to continue writing the same kind of book in the same historical time period. Why would you want to tamper with success? Oh, and instead of publishing one book a year, could you try for two? You get the picture. More stress. Click here to read the rest of Elizabeth’s blog, comment today and you could win! Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Cathy Maxwell | The stress of the holiday season is already upon us!
Uncategorized / December 3, 2008

And it has always been that way. Not because we are doing anything stressful. What can be stressful about seeing family and friends? Okay, let me rephrase that—what can be stressful about seeing friends? The truth of the matter is that it isn’t a bad thing to try and do too much. It isn’t bad to push ourselves a bit or do a little extra. These shorter days beg for us to do something especially cheerful. But what is bad to not take our time and enjoy the doing of it. One of the ways I de-stress is with books. Hey, books are the best entertainment bang for under twenty dollars—many times less than five. If you go to your library, they are free. Reading helps you keep real worries and fears in perspective or gives you insights into other people’s lives that you can apply to your own, even in fiction. Perhaps I should say most always in fiction. I always feel revitalized after spending time with characters I love. Plus, I’m one of those read-at-bedtime people. It’s “me” time at the end of a long day. Right now, I’m helping Sid Halley solve a murder in a Dick…