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Suzanne Forster | The Private Concierge
Uncategorized / October 20, 2008

Hello to all the Fresh Fiction readers! I’m also an FF fan and have visited many times, commenting on blogs by readers and authors. But this is my first trip here as a blogger and it’s a privilege to be in such great company! Plus, I very much appreciate the opportunity to tell you about a book of mine that’s just been released—and is very dear to my heart, The Private Concierge. Some story ideas are called gifts. Ask any writer of fiction and odds are they’ll tell you they’ve had at least one gift book in their career—and they’ll probably smile wistfully while remembering the experience. With a gift book, the idea comes to you fully formed, almost as if the patron saint of writers had whispered it in your ear. This doesn’t happen often and it always feels like an unexpected blessing. The Private Concierge is one of those stories. Here’s a peek at the original idea: She was a runaway who was forced into the oldest profession at a tender age. He was the vice cop who posed as a customer and put her in juvenile hall. He’s been haunted by her ever since. And she will…