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Abigail Owen | Exclusive Excerpt: THE ENFORCER
Author Guest / December 12, 2019

Drake and Cami have met before as an Enforcer for dragon shifters, it’s his job to put out and hide evidence of fires caused by dragons. In this role, he saved her life but had to wipe her memory of it. What brings them back together is the very thing that will keep them apart. Drake is dying. . . *** “How are you feeling?” she asked. That sultry voice, no longer scratchy with smoke, filled the room, caressing his skin. Drake battled with his body. It would not do to shock her with a raging erection that was sure to be evident given the flimsy sheet covering him. At least he was still in his utility pants and shirt. She doesn’t remember you anyway, asshole. When he didn’t answer she narrowed her eyes. “My name is Camilla Carrillo,” she tried again. “Do you remember anything?” When he didn’t answer again, she lifted a single unimpressed eyebrow, and he couldn’t help a stirring of curiosity. Women tended to run from him, not hold their ground and regard him with a mixture of blasé pseudo-concern. “You yelled at two of the other women who tried to take care of you,” she…