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Anne Marsh | When Life Throws You Lemons Make A Book
Uncategorized / October 12, 2009

I’ve always loved reading. The standard family joke, when I was growing up, was that you could count on me to have my nose in a book. I had stashes of books everywhere: in the car, my bedroom, every other room of the house. I didn’t walk from Point A to Point Z unless I could crack a book open first and thumb through pages as I walked. I probably missed out on quite a few other interesting sights, but I was hooked. I was a reader. It never seriously occurred to me to try my hand at writing until life interfered and quite literally slapped that book out of my hands. I’d been working my dream job for two years at Pixar Animation Studios (I was a technical writer, thank you very much, which meant that I wrote the instructions for the software the studio used to create their movies), when, out of the blue, my boss called me into his office and informed me that I was a tad bit superfluous. And was being laid off. Have a nice day. Oh MY! click here to read the rest, you’ve got to know! Visit to learn more about…