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Amy Edwards | The Trouble With Becoming A Witch: A Practical Approach to Magic
Author Guest / October 25, 2019

There I sat, in my dining room, ready to cast my first spell. My daughter was with her father for the night, as we were recently separated–I had left him six months before, and had filed for divorce despite his desire for us to stay together. The usually warm Texas fall air had finally begun to get crisp, and I drew my legs up into the chair and into my cardigan. I had gathered the few necessary tools required- a hexagonal crystal I had purchased at a local crystal shop, his picture, a candle. And most of all, I knew what I wanted–I wanted for him to let me out of this marriage without a fight. I wanted magic. I wanted the easy way. I wanted to conjure anything I could and believe that my troubles, and this divorce I was in, could dissipate, and end in my favor. As I conducted the spell, I moved the carved crystal over his picture, just as instructed in whatever spell I had dug up online and was following. I don’t remember any words or anything about that spell anymore, but I vividly remember one thing about this moment as I ran the…