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Marcus Sakey | Good People
Uncategorized / August 14, 2008

Hey all! It’s an honor to be guest blogging here—thanks so much to Fresh Fiction for lending me the microphone. Suckers. My new novel, GOOD PEOPLE is about, well, good people, specifically a married couple that’s been trying to have a baby. They haven’t had any luck, and are being crushed by debt from fertility treatments, and that’s straining their marriage and their hope. Then one night, everything changes. Offered a chance at a future they’d almost lost hope in, they seize it. One simple choice. A fairy-tale ending. But as they soon learn, fairy tale endings don’t come cheap…. Of course, that’s the finished book. When I began thinking about it, I didn’t know all that stuff. See, for me, starting a book is a difficult time. I usually have some idea of what I want to explore, but I can’t get started until something clicks. Sometimes it’s a character, sometimes a scene. I never know until it hits. So I spend a lot of time freewriting, staring at the wall, cleaning the toilet, reading other books, cooking, browsing the web…. And it was that last that made this come together. I was just surfing, the way people don’t…