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June Rushdan | Title Challenge + Exclusive Excerpt: UNTIL THE END
Author Guest / May 25, 2020

Every so often, we challenge authors to describe their new releases using the letters of their titles! Enjoy this Title Challenge from Juno Rushdan’s latest romantic suspense release, along with an exclusive excerpt from UNITL THE END:  U is for unexpected N is for necessary T is for thrill ride I is for intrigue L is for love * T is for twist H is for heart-stirring E is for entertaining * E is for edge-of-your-seat N is for national security D is for danger Excerpt:  Did you find out why they changed security protocol?” Jess asked, driving the armored truck along the dark, deserted road stretching before her like a giant black hole. “Nope.” Roger stared out the passenger window. “I don’t care either.” She tried ignoring the dread that always bubbled in her gut on Route 15. This road was the worst part of their quarterly drive making deliveries from Nexcellogen to Fort Detrick. Her gaze flicked to the rearview mirror. All clear. She half expected to find the boogeyman chasing up behind them. So ridiculous. Nothing was different about this run—except the sidearms she and Roger both carried. A new security requirement that substantiated the unnerving rumors among the drivers about…