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Fresh Pick | XOMBIES: APOCALYPSE BLUES by Walter Greatshell
Fresh Pick / October 28, 2009

Zombies #1 October 2009On Sale: September 29, 2009Featuring: Lulu Pangloss336 pages ISBN: 0441018351EAN: 9780441018352Paperback$7.99 Fantasy Urban, Horror Buy at Xombies: Apocalypse Blues by Walter Greatshell When the Agent X plague struck, it infected women first, turning them into mindless killers intent only on creating an army of “Xombies” by spreading their disease. Lulu Pangloss has problems. She has no friends, her mom is difficult, and her absentee father is a deadbeat. Things can hardly get any worse…or so she thinks. Then the world comes to an end. It starts with Agent X, a plague that turns women into raving, demonic predators–Xombies–who then hunt down and infect anyone they can catch. Guns are useless; armies are helpless. With civilization collapsing all around her, Lulu hitches a ride with a crew of wary male refugees, and together they flee for the last place on Earth rumored to be safe. But what they find is as unexpected, and as terrifying, as the hell they’ve left behind. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.