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Ashlyn Chase | Exclusive Excerpt: THE GODDESS GETS HER GUY
Author Guest / November 21, 2019

Dr. Aaron Samuels visits the rainforest to find a cure for heart disease. Never expecting to meet a beautiful mysterious woman, talking to a frog. As an empty-nester, he recognizes a lonely soul when he sees one, but he never expects she’s Mother Nature herself! Pouting on a log in the El Yunque rain forest, Gaia picked up a coqui. Placing him gently on her open palm, she brought the tiny tree frog level with her face. “Why can’t my sisters, paranormals, and humans be more like you, coqui? All you want to do is climb leaves, eat bugs, and chirp your cute little song. Although, granted, when a bunch of you get together, you can make quite a loud racket.” The coqui just stared at her. At least he seemed to be paying attention. “You see? You’re a wonderful listener. That’s all I want. . . just someone to listen. If my sister thinks I’m a bitch, maybe it’s because no one listens to me.” “I’ll listen to you,” a low male voice said. Gaia bolted upright without turning around. “Was that you, coqui?” A chuckle sounded from behind her. “No, I’m not your frog, but maybe I’m your…