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J.A. Kazimer | Words & Whiskey: The Perfect Blend
Author Guest / April 8, 2019

One wouldn’t think books and whiskey easily blend. But they do. In ways, I surely never imagined when I started researching whiskey for my Lucky Whiskey series. The first book, A SHOT OF MURDER: A Lucky Whiskey Mystery, drops on June 8th. So raise a glass and read on. Both whiskey and books start with humble beginnings – Whiskey starts its life as beer and books start, at least for me, as half-form, often unpalatable ideas, that, like beer are foul and need to be changed into something infinitely better.   Both whiskey (Irish spelling) or whisky (Scottish/Canadian spelling) are grammatically correct, though the whiskey should be used as whisky looks like the writer is just drunk, much like the ridiculous use of gray (American spelling) when it should clearly be grey (British spelling). I mean, just look at it! Both whiskey and words must watch out for sneaky thieves – With whiskey, nearly 2% of a barrel is stolen by angels each year in what is referred to as The Angel’s Share, which is about the same amount of books stolen from libraries a year. Oddly, the most pilfered book is the Guinness Book of World Records. Both whiskey and books…