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Terry Spear | 10 Ways to Seduce a Jaguar Shifter

June 12, 2014

Terry SpearJAGUAR HUNTYou know you want an Alpha jaguar shifter, so I’ll make it really easy for you in case you’re just a little unsure as to how to seduce one of those really hot big cats!

1. Make him purr. A massage will help to ease the tension in those hard, taut muscles after all the physical activities he’s involved in. That will prepare him for more of a workout with you. Guaranteed.

2. Big cats love meat. A prime cut steak will have him eating out of your hands and will give him the sustained energy for much more—where you are concerned. Which is the most important thing!

3. Jaguars are one of only a few big cats that love the water. Others will swim in it when they need to, but jaguars love it. So take him to: a waterfall, a pool, a hot tub, a shower, a lake, the ocean—well, you name it. If it’s water, no telling how much fun the two of you can have.

4. Play chase. Cats love to play chase. But don’t let him do all the chasing. See what happens when you become the hunter.

5. Go climbing. It doesn’t matter if it’s mountains, rocks, or trees, jaguars love to climb. Whether you chase his tail or he’s batting at yours, climbing will get him in the mood for much more.

6. Take him on an adventure. If he’s a wild cat, he loves trips to the jungle. Schedule an excursion with him and let down your hair.

7. Curl up on a bunch of pillows and watch your favorite shows. Cats love to curl up together and you never know when just that little bit of sharing might lead to more.

8. Growl if his gaze strays to another hot she-cat. Even if he’s not interested in the other she-cat. Let him know you aren’t sharing. Hot jaguar shifters like to know the she-cat who’s interested in them are willing to stake a claim.

9. Play it by ear. Cats are unpredictable and spontaneous. There’s nothing better than keeping that male cat on his toes, trying to guess just what you’re up to next. And he’ll love it.

10. Play with each other. Cats by nature are playful. Rough and tumble play can quickly turn into heated and sexy intimacy.

Excerpt from Jaguar Hunt:

Before she realized he was following her—closely—he caught her arm, his large hand strong, his grip tight. She swallowed an un-Enforcer-like squeak as he promptly stopped her in place. Her ire stoked, she was so tempted to take him down. She suspected he knew just what she was thinking, and he’d thwart her before she even made the attempt. That was the problem with him being with the JAG and also trained in hand-to-hand combat. A wry smile curved his mouth. For a second, she was transfixed. He had lips that enticed a woman to sample them—not too thin or too large, just perfect kissing-size.

    Shaking loose of that thought, she glared at him instead.

See now if she had taken him down, maybe things would have become hotter a lot faster, don’t you think?

And that’s ten ways to seduce a jaguar. Of course, there are tons more. But these are a few to get you started. You are only limited by your imagination and of course, locating that hot jaguar to ply your newly learned skills of seduction on one.

Can you think of another way to seduce a sexy jaguar shifter?

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