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August 20, 2009

TERRY SPEARTO TEMPT THE WOLFFirst off, I wanted to congratulate Fresh Fiction on celebrating their anniversary and thank everyone for having me guest blog as part of this momentous occasion!

I was thinking about the title Fresh Fiction, and you know, all fiction is basically the same set of stories. But writers make it different based on their voice. And their voice is derived from their world views, morals, backgrounds, work and life experiences.

Take a for instance: Three women in a local RWA chapter took off running with an idea–same idea…man/woman left at altar…to face a wedding-less day. That was it. Same old story. But two of those women turned their stories into books that ended up selling to the same publisher!

For the readers out there: If you had a chance to create a story that was totally different than you’d ever written, what would it be?

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