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Tracy Madison | A Little Quirk Equals A Lot of Character

July 1, 2009

tracy madisonI love the word “quirk.” I like how it looks, I like how it sounds, and I even like saying it. Quirk. Quirks. Quirky. See? It’s a fun little word. Just saying it forces your mouth into a pucker, which is sort of quirky on its own, but beyond the oh-so-coolness of the word’s actual phonetics, I also like what the word means.

Quirk has several definitions, but the one I’m talking about today comes directly from and it is:

“A peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality: mannerism.”

Why do I love that so much? It’s simple, actually—because we all have them. And sure, one person’s quirks might be more pronounced than another person’s, but I stand by my pronouncement that every one of us has at least one quirk. And ohhh can they be interesting! For one thing, quirks tell me a lot about a person, just as mine tell a lot about me. And secondly, well some quirks are cute—funny, even—while others are downright weird and possibly even a little scary. I like to call this variance the “quirk quotient.”

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