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March 10, 2014

At Entangled’s Bliss line, we’ve always focused on telling amazing stories of modern women and men, finding their happily ever after in a small-town setting and with the help of their families and friends. We love focusing on the emotion, the feelings, and the fun associated with falling in love for the first—and last—time.

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We’re thrilled to announce two new stories coming in March sure to melt readers’ hearts: HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE by Susan Meier and STEALING THE GROOM by Sonya Weiss. Susan’s is the story of long-time rivals Finn and Ellie, who are pitted against each other once again when their competing businesses both need new customers in order to survive. Sonya’s is the story of long-time best friends Chad and Amelia, who end up in a precarious situation when Amelia “steals” Chad away from the altar, sure he’s marrying the wrong woman for the wrong reasons. Two stories full of the emotion, humor, heartwarming moments, and relatable characters that have come to define Bliss.

We’re particularly excited, however, to announce that Susan’s novel will be the first in an expansion of the Bliss line called Red-Hot Bliss: the same focus on the nice, but with a bit of naughty added in for good measure. We’re opening the door at Bliss, and we can’t wait for you to see how sexy sweet romance can be!

As Susan says, “Bliss books have always been some of my favorite reads, so writing for the line was a dream of mine. But it quickly became clear that Finn and Ellie were special characters, and their combustible attraction was such a big part of their relationship that it wouldn’t be fair to readers to close the bedroom door. That’s when I discovered I really liked writing fun, sexy books. With the same real-life heroes and small-town charm as the other Bliss books, Her Summer with the Marine was a joy to write.”

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Long-time fans will continue to see the same high-tension, high-emotion stories that they’ve come to love so dearly on the Bliss line, where the door remains closed. Debut romance writer Sonya Weiss says, “I’m so excited to write for Bliss because I believe in what the line promotes—that there’s something beautiful and sweet in a tender love story. There’s so much subtext when a sweet story is told, and that can be a powerful tool. I think this is what makes Bliss romances, as well as all sweet romances, appeal to readers.”

To get a sneak peek at Sonya’s and Susan’s books, and to check out a sample from every Bliss author to date, be sure to download our free Bliss Sampler, available online now! And don’t forget to download our two newest offerings on release day, March 10.

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