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Vixen’s Tales Writing Contest

November 10, 2016

Vixen Writing Contest

Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss is celebrating our 1 1/2 year anniversary with a writing contest!

You have the opportunity to complete one of the six Vixen’s Tales already released the way you want the story to go. In 2000 words or less write a short story or scene based on the Tale of your choice.

The overall best story will win a January Mega Book Box, which will include one of every book included in the January box (up to 10 books). The five runner-ups will win a mini box. Our favorite story for each Tale will be printed and included in our January Box. They will also be posted on as special guest articles for readers to enjoy.

The rules are simple. Write a short story or scene based on one of these six Vixen’s Tales. Your story must be 2000 words or less and must match one of these six tales and their corresponding genres. Only one entry allowed per person. You do not have to be a Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss subscriber to enter this contest.

Please choose one of following Vixen’s Tales:
1. The Case of the Missing Pier, Historical Mystery: Vixen could not wait to show off her fashionable bathing garments at the new pier, but when she arrived the pier was missing! Vixen knew only she could find it…right after she enjoyed the beach.
2. Bought by the Italian Magnate, Contemporary Romance: Vixen was so clueless, she never imagined not learning the local language would get her in this much trouble. At least he had a beautiful smile under those brooding eyes…
3. Blooded Heart, Paranormal Romance: Vixen thought college would be the fresh start she needed to heal her broken heart. But from day one at Sanguine University she knew it would be hard not giving in to her vampire neighbor. She craved him and he knew just how to make Vixen his.
4. Lasso Me, Cowgirl, Western Romance: Tired from the pressures of her executive life, Vixen desires the simplicity of the west. Her friends convince her to take a vacation at a Dude Ranch, before throwing her life away. But when she meets the hunky ranch fox, she decides maybe she found the best reason to be a cowgirl.
5. Gourd ‘n’ Seek, Cozy Mystery: The 12th Annual Pumpkin Carving Festival is just around the corner, but someone has been stealing all the pumpkins in the county! Novice-carver, Vixen, will not let anyone make pie out of her town’s pumpkins. She’s on the case.
6. FALLing in Love, Small Town Romance: Nostalgia, thought Vixen, that’s why I’m here. That, and to see her family home one last time before it is sold to the highest bidder, her old high school flame.

Deadline to submit your story is November 28th 11:59 pm CST.

The Fresh Fiction team will choose their favorite story for each of the six Vixen’s Tales. Fiction Box Not to Miss newsletter subscribers will vote for the best overall story to decide the winner of the January Mega Book Box starting on December 1st.

The winner will be announced mid-December in the Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss newsletter and on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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