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May 30, 2005

Well in electronic format, I’m a little more then halfway through Loki’s Sin by Saje Williams. This book is really intriguing and I’m wishing I could just sit and read non stop till I finish it. LOL

In audio I finished up Face the Fire by Nora Roberts and am about 3 or 4 tapes in to Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati. It’s still early on, but I’m not enjoying this one as much as I liked the first one. And the author sure seems to like quests through the wilderness as both books have had those. There were a couple big journeys in the first one and so far two big ones in this book. It gets kinda old after a while.

In paper I finished The Moon Witch by Linda Winstead Jones, the second in her Fyne Sisters trilogy. I had seen several reviews that said they found this book boring compared tot he first one but I liked it better… probably because of the shape shifter aspect in the plot here. There were several plots left hanging though that I’m sure hoping are tied up nicely in the third book that is due out in December I think.

I’m presently reading Carved in Stone by Vickie Taylor and it’s a new plot line. It’s a about a shapeshifter, but the difference here is he is a gargoyle. A race of immortals cursed 2000 years ago to protect the innocent from evil as “guardians” to humans. The guardian aspect of their personality is the gargoyle, and they are all different types of gargoyles (I.e.. cat, bird, hog, serpent, etc) It looks like from the plot so far that one of their own, or more, have gone rogue and are causing all kinds of problems for the humans and gargoyles alike. But it’s still too soon to tell if that’s the case. I’m enjoying it though for its differences.

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