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What makes Jake and Miranda an iconic couple?

September 13, 2017

Answer: Oh, my goodness, there is so much to this question! By book #4 (THE LAST OUTLAW), these two have been together for 32 years, and boy, have they ever been through a lot! Jake was a notorious wanted man when they met, and Randy actually shot him after he had a shootout with a bounty hunter right in front of her. She was scared to death, but she also felt bad after she watched Jake stumble out and get on his horse to ride out of town. She feels terrible that he will suffer alone, and possibly die, because of her.

You will have to read the first book (OUTLAW HEARTS) to find out how these two actually end up back together. Their first love scene is in the back of a covered wagon somewhere on the plains of Wyoming, and it’s a wild, hot, desperate love scene because they realize they don’t belong together yet they can’t resist each other. It’s the beginning of an emotional roller-coaster ride as Jake ends up in prison – then a U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma (Book #2 DO NOT FORSAKE ME) – then a rancher in Colorado (Book #3 LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE). These stories take us through the birth of two children and into their adulthood and the birth of several grandchildren – a huge, loving family all coming from Jake Harkner and (in his mind) a family he feels he doesn’t deserve. Jake attributes it all to his beloved Miranda, who has stood by him through tremendous odds. It’s their devotion to each other that stands out through all these books, and the wonderful sex they share – wonderful because it’s a beautiful extension of their adoration for each other, as well as always being filled with that desperate fear that something could happen to Jake and this might be the last time they make love. Jake’s notorious past and dangerous reputation follow him throughout this series.

THE LAST OUTLAW by Rosanne Bittner

Outlaw Hearts

The Last Outlaw

True Love Never Dies

Times have changed, and the old Wild West is a thing of the past. Nestled in his beautiful Colorado ranch, surrounded by family, infamous former outlaw Jake Harkner’s hung up his guns for good and finally found a measure of peace―but dark memories haunt the woman who has always been his strength, and not even Jake is certain he can save his beloved Miranda this time.

All he can do is swear to remain by her side. But it takes more than a hope for peace to outrun a past defined by violence, and it isn’t long before Jake is embroiled in a rescue mission he simply can’t refuse. Life has brought him back full circle as he rides into Mexico to save a young girl from a dreadful fate…leaving Miranda behind one final time, fearing that the man she loves more than anything is destined to die the way he’s always lived―by the gun.

Romance Historical | Romance Western [Sourcebooks Casablanca, On Sale: September 5, 2017, Mass Market Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781492652069 / eISBN: 9781492652076]

About Rosanne Bittner

Rosanne Bittner

The award-winning author of over fifty books, Michigan resident Rosanne Bittner is a member of the service organization of the Lioness Club, which supports needy families and other worthy causes. She and her husband of thirty years have two sons.

Outlaw Hearts


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