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Worth a giggle — Fabio and NASCAR

November 14, 2005


NASCAR has entered into a licensing agreement allowing Harlequin to publish steamy novels with racing themes, with titles like Into the Groove and Dangerous Curves. This is a terrible idea. NASCAR is one of the final frontiers of male bonding, where the love of speed and horrible car accidents draws men to together to drink beer and high-five. The only women who should be allowed into this holy speedway are the ones willing to be turned into meaningless objects to be leered at by gearheads. Hey, Harlequin, we don’t drive racecars through your wildflower meadows. Don’t put Fabio in our firesuits.

Unfortunately, there are things you just don’t make up…

So you think both NASCAR and Harlequin really think this is a match made in heaven? Who wants to read a romance set in the race pit? Have you checked out the guys who go to the races? Most of the ones I know leave their families behind for a weekend of unchecked “fun”

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