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Lori Wilde | A New Series, Martini Dares

August 27, 2007

Lori WildeI have a book coming out in September, called My Secret Life from Harlequin Blaze. But it’s not just any book. It’s the first book in a series I’m with my writers pals, Carrie Alexander, Isabel Sharpe and Jamie Denton.

This series is particularly special because about the time we conceived of the idea, Jamie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We’d sent the project to our editors, but because Jamie was going through chemotherapy, we all decided it was better to back burner the project. Jamie gracefully volunteered to back out and let someone else take her place, but we wanted Jamie and we wanted her to know we believed in her recovery.

I’m happy to report Jamie came through chemotherapy with flying colors and we went on to write the stories. Her bravery, optimism and all around darn good storytelling abilities make this a fabulous success story.

So to give you a sneak peak into the Martini Dares, here’s the series proposal we sent to the editors.

The Premise

Desperate Housewives meets Sex in the City in this series featuring four desperate career women, four dark secrets, four steamy dares and four very sexy men.


Once upon a time, in a stately brick house on Hawthorn Lane, in an affluent suburb of Boston, resided the three Winfield sisters, who lived a fairytale life with their homemaker mother and strict Naval Commander father. Brooke, Joey and Katie were schooled in the proper rules of conduct set by their father’s traditional Brahmin family. Even after their father passed away, the sisters never questioned the status quo. That is until their mother’s deathbed confession dropped a bomb on their perfect little world.

The sisters receive an intriguing invitation to join Martinis and Bikinis, a club that encourages female empowerment through raucous good times and sexy dares. As part of the program, members draw slips of paper that make up a challenge they must complete (such as wearing a bikini to the beach or dancing on the bar). Mysteriously, the Winfield sisters’ supposedly “random” dares pinpoint their most intimate fears.

Each book begins in Desperate Housewives fashion with a brief prologue from the deceased mother’s point-of-view, as she narrates the situation each daughter finds herself in. Her words of wisdom prove her deep love and understanding of her children.

To my daughters:

I always did what I believed was best for each of you. Maybe this will be difficult to understand now that my many secrets have been discovered. After the shock has lessened, you must find a way to understand and go on as the loving sisters you are and the happy, fulfilled women I know you can become.

Darling Katie, you are the youthful me. Accept yourself, overcome your impetuous mistakes, and love will be yours.

Sweet Brooke, my quiet child. Step out of place and learn to be brave and bold. Be your own shining star.

Dearest Joey, always living by the rules like your father. Risking your heart will lead to your greatest success.

My own Lindsay, daughter of darkness and secrets. Come out of hiding and believe that you are well and truly loved.

Love, Mother

If you want to have some fun, read the books and then compare them to the series outline and see how far we strayed or stayed true to our original vision.

I hope you enjoy the Martini Dares. It was truly a labor of love.

Lori Wilde
2008 RWA Conference Workshop Chair
MY SECRET LIFE Sept 2007 Blaze

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