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Sara Reyes | Book Signings … what’s the point?
Guests / November 15, 2008

Well, let’s see… you get to meet other readers and talk about books,..and husbands, children, pets, ghosts, vampires and zombies. Uh, haven’t you noticed that your conversations range off the “normal” pattern when you get involved with readers? Michele BardsleyOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Signings are when you meet your local celebrities. Yes, it’s an easy way to be the local prez hilton or gawker. “Celebrities” write books and what they love the best is to sign them. So, go hang out at a signing and you’ll get to shake the hands of someone you normally see on television or even in the movies. This week it was Martha Stewart, but we’ve met football stars, actors, soap opera stars, celebrity chefs, television personalities and more. It’s always a kick to shake Alan Alda’s hand on Sunday and see him live on the Today show on Tuesday. I mean, seriously, you get to be a fan stalker and not considered too weird. After all, it’s literary, right? Plus, they all come with books. And since the majority are held in a book store, if you get bored, there is always another book around the shelves. Isaac MizrahiOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Small plug…a…