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Sara Reyes | OMG I Hurt A Book!!!!
Saturdays with Sara / March 7, 2009

Yes, people, friends, acquaintances and the casual visitor, I did a VERY VERY BAD thing this week! I committed an offense beyond all reckoning…well, not as bad as burning a book…but close in my estimation. Let me tell you the sad tale. I love books and have trained — it took YEARS of patience, discipline and punishment in some cases — my family to treat books with respect and dignity. No dog-earing No chewing on the pages (even small children were NOT exempt) No folding down pages No eating while reading. Especially not Cheetos or any other snack thatleaves a funny color to the pages. No using the book as a drink coaster. I mean seriously, do you want to havea cover with a wet ring on it? No using the flat surface of a table as a bookmark! Use a bookmark, areceipt, or a dollar bill if you’re desperate! Yes, the kids have known to findlunch money in “morn’s last book!” And for goodness sake, never, ever, CRACK THE SPINE! These rules have worked for years without a single hitch…until I discoveredSUDUKO. Sigh. Yes, I was sitting on the couch, enjoying a little televisionwatching when getting to the middle…