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DAILY DOSE | Shannon K. Butcher – Love You to Death
Daily Dose / October 3, 2009

Please join me in welcoming author Shannon K. Butcher to the Daily Dose to celebrate her newest release: Love You to Death. The novel takes Butcher fans to a new place as she explores romantic suspense. So kick back, grab your coffee and enjoy our little question and answer session. Tell us a little about Love You To Death? Is this a paranormal romance or a nitty, gritty crime drama/romance? LYTD is a romantic suspense, and possibly the creepiest stuff I’ve ever written. It’s about a woman whose sister has gone missing. No one believes Ashley’s disappearance is anything sinister, but Elise knows differently. With the help of hunky, ex-cop neighbor Trent, Elise will stop at nothing to discover what happened to her sister, despite the number of mutilated bodies that are piling up. What is about the romance genre that appeals to you? It’s the relationships between people that intrigues me most. There’s nothing more exciting to me than watching two people fall in love—whether they dive in head first or fight it every step of the way, it’s always fun to witness. Throwing in the complications of monsters, terrorists or serial killers just makes it that much more…

Fresh Pick | SOUTHERN PERIL by T. Lynn Ocean
Fresh Pick / October 3, 2009

Jersey BarnesJuly 2009On Sale: July 7, 2009272 pages ISBN: 0312383479EAN: 9780312383473Hardcover$24.99 Mystery Woman Sleuth Buy at Southern Peril by T. Lynn Ocean Savvy security specialist Jersey Barnes assures everyone that she has retired for good this time—she had a party with a three-layer cake and champagne toasts to prove it. But when a judge calls in a favor, the former field- trained government agent agrees to figure out what secrets might be putting the judge’s brother, Morgan, in danger. His car searched, his apartment burglarized, and it appears as though somebody is watching his every move. Not one to overreact, Morgan dismisses the judge’s attempt to help him as an over-protective big sister’s paranoia. He just wants to succeed in his new business venture, Argos. Wilmington’s most hip restaurant, Argos guest list is legendary. When Morgan’s father died, the eatery was left solely to Morgan. Despite his lack of experience in the food industry, the introverted bachelor is determined to keep his father’s legacy alive. It’s only when Morgan has a close call with death that he confides in Jersey: his father may have been murdered, and Morgan thinks he knows why. But he can’t divulge further details without…