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Fresh Pick | TO THE BRINK by Cindy Gerard
Fresh Pick / February 2, 2011

The Bodyguards, No. 3 January 2006 Featuring: Ethan Garrett; Darcy Prescott 337 pages ISBN: 0312990936 EAN: 9780312990930 Paperback $6.99 Add to Wish List Romance Suspense Buy at Suspense adds to this second chance tale. To the Brink by Cindy Gerard When the stakes are high and the danger is real, there is only one place left to go… HER LIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE… Working on highly sensitive diplomatic affairs, Darcy Prescott is a natural target for terrorist kidnappers. But when she’s mysteriously plucked off a street in Manila one sultry night, Darcy’s disappearance isn’t what it seems… AND THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN SAVE HER… The moment Special Forces soldier Ethan Garrett laid eyes on Darcy, he knew she was the woman he would marry—and he did. But when their marriage fell apart, Ethan never really recovered. Now a highly paid bodyguard, Ethan quickly slips back into combat mode when he learns of Darcy’s disappearance and calls in old favors to assemble a rogue rescue team…. IS THE HUSBAND SHE LEFT LONG AGO… Tracking Darcy all the way to the jungles of the Philippines, Ethan knows every move he makes could mean the difference between life and death….

Marie Force | Defining A Hero
Author Guest / February 2, 2011

We’d all like to think that given the opportunity, we could be heroic. Last spring, I had my moment. I’m sitting in the bleachers at my son’s baseball game, chatting with the grandmother of one his teammates. Betsy and I hit it off from the beginning of the season and always had laughs together watching the games with the other parents. So along comes a line-drive fly ball heading directly at us. I wrapped my arms around that older woman, pushed her head down and protected her from certain injury. Well, that’s what I should’ve done anyway… What I did do was anything but heroic. I ducked behind her and let her shield me from the ball, which then—in a moment of cosmic revenge—smacked into my leg, leaving a gigantic bruise. When I emerged from behind that lovely older woman, I was in a state of shock. All my life I’d waited for my opportunity to prove that I was made of heroic stuff. And when the moment arrived, what did I do? Duck and cover, baby! We laughed ourselves silly over the entire episode that night and many nights thereafter. To this day, Betsy sees me coming and says,…